.net version

Is there any easy way to see which version .net is installed for all assets within a company?

Not easily. You can search for application versions via the saved asset searches but not actually see them without looking at each asset. If you want an actual list of them you’d have to run a script to output the version into a custom asset field and then do a asset audit report with that custom field column added.

Here’s a PowerShell script that does just that. You just need to adjust it to do what you want within Syncro. You can use Syncro’s PowerShell modules to update custom fields and store a value of the .NET versions there if you wanted to have it visible in the device properties.

powershell/list-dotnet-frameworks.ps1 at master · hd9/powershell (github.com)


The script doesn’t idenfity 4.8 but you can add it with the release IDs from .NET Framework & Windows OS versions - .NET Framework | Microsoft Docs