Nested Customers Possible?


Is it possible, or is there a work around to next customers. We work with holding companies and PE firms that purchase and hold other companies.

We would like to have the portfolio companies fall under the holding companies so that the contacts are available across all tickets, but Invoicing remains separate.


Thank you,

Hi @dp-STLIT

To achieve this(so that the contacts are available across all tickets), as a work-around you can consider adding all contacts to a contact template(downloaded from any customer’s contact tab)then import them to all other desired customers(only changing the customer_id value to that of the desired customer)

I wish there was a feature like you are describing as well. One big problem is what to do if an email comes in to generate a ticket – which customer would it assign it to if the email address was in multiple companies. There is probably a better way to handle this, though…