Need support staff who know Syncro

It has become very difficult to get support lately. On many occasions recently, the responses with explanations on “how Syncro works” is completely incorrect. Obvious bugs or problems are often brushed off as “this is how Syncro functions”. Other times we get responses that have nothing to do with the problem, sending us on runarounds. It has become clear that some on the support team don’t understand the Syncro product itself, and are incapable of providing support.

I went through a few of the latest tickets you sent in and we’re getting some leads to jump in and help.

To be transparent, our team is growing fast to offer better response times and the newer members start supporting the PSA side of things and then take on the more complicated RMM tickets when they get ramped up. We do have some more experienced team members on the PSA side, but getting someone inexperienced is much higher when reaching out with a PSA-related issue.

But, I’m glad you brought this up. The new members of our team do need to take on these more complicated PSA workflows to learn, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of the level of support you receive. I’ll make sure to stress to everyone on the team to not hesitate to escalate these issues to more senior members of the team if there is even a hint of uncertainty about a response.

I apologize for any frustration this has caused.

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