Need recurring tickets to have the option to not run on Sat\Sun & Holidays

Need recurring tickets to have the option to NOT run on Sat\Sun (or any other off-days like holidays. Support stated that recurring tickets are set by date not day of week so this is not currently an option. Suggested I create a feature request.
Though we want recurring tickets for certain maintenance tasks (to account for time spent accomplishing these tasks), we really only need them created for work days.


It is surprising and disappointing that this is not already in place as an option. We also need to be able to create tickets for recurring maintenance tasks on the “3rd ___ of the Month” and such. For a particular task that needs to happen on the 3rd Saturday of each month, I am having to resort to a poor workaround of creating a ticket that generates every single Saturday, with a note/disclaimer to delete the ticket if it was not created between a certain range of dates.


I would also like to request this feature. Having recurring tickets generated when the office is closed is really silly.

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I would also like this feature.

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