Need advice: Break fix / One time clients

Hello all!
I’m new at Syncro! I’ve checked for an answer, but not managed and do need advice;
I’m attempting to move away from break-fix. I’ll still have the one off customers, bi-annual types, which I don’t want using the agent for chat/tickets/etc. Only a one-time remote support session when needed.
How would I go about setting that up? They still need to install the agent, which in turn gives them splash top. And the policy should have the tray hidden?
But this keeps the agent running 24/7 then! One time clients don’t want that. Nor do I want unnecessary entries in my asset list.

Syncro isn’t designed for ondemand/onetime use as you’ve discovered. I’d suggest getting ScreenConnect (Connectwise Control).

You can use Windows quick assist for ad hoc support and completly forgo installing Syncro. Quick assist is built into Windows 10. Anydesk is another excellent ad hoc remote support tool.

Ideally though, you woud set up a new customer called break-fix and apply a policy to turn off most of Syncro features. Use this for this these clients. You can then use the reporting features in Syncro to try and sell them a support agreement and move them on to monthly billing.

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Thanks! This makes sense to try upselling them.
I am trying to move away from break-fix, but definitely can’t do it 100%.

If the upsell doesn’t work, I can simply delete it (which will uninstall syncro).

FYI, deleting the agent won’t remove Splashtop, you’ll need to uninstall that first. Splashtop has an SOS plan you can look at, some others have cheap or ad-hoc plans, or the Windows 10 Quick Assist is free and fairly easy to use.

Thanks for the insight Jimmie. My top priority is actually to record which clients are getting work done. As I’m still 100% break-fix, without records, I can’t convert them. Win Assist/anything external will not be logged by the team. We’ve been losing money and providing free service for way too long (automatically assumed it’s under an SLA, which the team member has no access to.)

Hey Kushal, just curious on a few things. First, when you say anything external isn’t being logged by the team, why is that? Is creating a ticket for every customer communication a standard practice, or are you trying to segregate your break/fix clients from the ones you are hoping to grow into managed services within Syncro?

Second, are there break/fix clients you can convince to allow the agent to remain on their machine? Not necessarily installing Splashtop, but just the core Syncro agent. Even after my MSP became quite large, we still had break/fix revenue well into the millions. They were a terrific source of managed service client referrals, actually. One of the big benefits of Syncro is that you can literally install an unlimited amount of endpoints, and if configured correctly it can identify all sorts of money-making opportunities for you to create campaigns around. We would just let folks know that we’ll monitor their machines for free and alert them if anything came up. Things like low underpowered resources, outdated third-party software, no/bad AV, low space on the HDD, failing HDD, etc. had huge closure rates for us when those alerts fired.

Anyhow, just some food for thought that might help you grow a little faster. It certainly did for us.


I agree with this Andy’s statement 100%. We use it as a money machine on break/fix clients. Sometimes is more profitable. When a computer is using high resources, we send them a screen shot for a service call plus parts needed to improve performance (e.g. SSD drive, memory, etc).

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We bundle EmsiSoft for our Break/Fix clients through Syncro.
To be honest, for most clients it’s a no brainer once you explain the benefits and that you are actually looking after them properly - for us it’s hardly any additional work, other than checking Alerts - which turn into a potential additional sale.

I would get into the habit of creating a ticket for every job, regardless of it being covered under any agreement or not.
Ultimately, you want to hold your techs accountable and know what you have done for a customer. It benefits both parties.
Use block hours/contracts/… from within Syncro to manage billing, if that’s the issue.