Need a VPN recommendation

Hello all,

I’m looking for a new VPN solution for my clients. The two solutions I have deployed are clunky with MFA and the price just went way up with one, so I’m looking for new solutions.

  • Client-to-site
  • Prefer not to have holes in my firewall.
  • Easy MFA for the users. (One I have now, says, “Connected” in the software, but doesn’t actually work untiil you click a link in a email that gets sent. Clunky.)
  • Error messages that actually mean something. Not just, “Disconnected.” when something is wrong.



We use Sonicwalls at all of our clients’ sites, for the users who are not on site, they connect using NetExtender. The upfront cost for one isn’t bad (depending on the use case/size of network) and the licensing is done for concurrent users not total users who have access. The licensing is really affordable if you buy them in 5 packs and every Sonicwall comes with 2 licenses included.

Hope this helps!

Do you monitor these through Syncro?

We really like GoodAccess. It’s been good to us the last 6 months and super simple. Multi tenant 2FA and SSO capable

We have used Synology routers successfully for this application. RT2600AC can support 20 remote clients and licenses are still free from COVID and are permanent licenses.