Native API Webhooks?

Are there any plans to add support for Webhooks? Currently, we are looking to set up a webhook to our internal app that is triggered by a Ticket Status Change or a new ticket being created.

Whilst I see the beta Zapier integration supports this but we prefer to not have to use Zapier as this should really be built into and part of the Syncro REST API.

I would argue that outbound WebHooks aren’t recessarily part of an API directly.

Sometimes you see something like MS Graph that offers Event subscriptions with a callback URL to hit on changes, but these usually have a relatively short expiration period and have to be refreshed (hours, or days, for example) even if that it refreshed by code.

But Outbound Webhooks are more of persistent subscriptions to an event that doesn’t usually have to be renewed nearly as often. Github Example

as a stop-gap you could schedule a script to check for the service/condition/event you wanted through the existing API and then essentially trigger your other app/incoming webhook from that relay app

Webhooks are most often used with API calls I would argue. But I suppose that is debatable.

For example:
Let’s say you want to know almost immediately a ticket status was changed, a webhook would allow us to be notified immediately in a programmable way so that you can take action (whatever that may be).

Without webhooks, you would have continually poll the API, checking for changes or wait for ticket automation to be run, which does not run that often in terms of 'almost immediately.

Whilst this functionality is provided to Zapier by Syncro, why keep this private just for that integration, why not enable it for all?

Is it actually though?

For example, from the Zapier Syncro pages

The New Invoice trigger actually has a five minute delay to attempt to compensate for the fact that we don’t know when an invoice is “done being edited.” We think on average that’s how long it takes before people are done editing line items.
Note: Currently Zapier doesn’t support custom ticket fields when using a trigger to create a new ticket.

That doesn’t actually sound like they are getting a Webhook - per se.

For another example - when you just load a Syncro Web Page like in the background it will do

maybe Zapier does something similar? Or piggy backs off a similar connection that isn’t JUST the public documented API, but also webpage functionality

Zapier doesn’t just Glue A to B - it often has programs that will do relay/restructure/translation between the different Systems.
Zapier might have code that will Monitor those various endpoint types for you, and then have the option to hit a webhook, but that’s not Syncro offering the webhook

If you are trying to alert an endpoint that a ticket status has changed, or a new ticket is crested, you can use the Notification Center in the Settings and register the endpoint you would like to send that information to.

It is not an API solution which was requested in the initial post, but it may be a solution to the immediate problem.

Hope this helps.


Hi @ltnz

You may also post your request here: Feature Requests - Syncro Support Community. These are reviewed and it allows for more users to engage and up-vote.