Mutliple Ticket/Job Boards

I searched and didn’t find this, so I am requesting it. We really want/need multiple ticket boards that all have their own reporting capabilities. One board is not cutting it for us. Connectwise and others have multiple boards. I can go into more detail about how we envision this if you need.


This is a must with permissions and additional non-tech user accounts. I don’t want techs seeing accounting, sales, info, marketing, etc. Likewise, i don’t need my admin assistant seeing support tickets.

We’ve got issue types for Accounting, Info, sales that come in through email, but there’s no separation possible.

I want to request this as well. In fact this is something we brought up years ago when we signed up. It may not be a big deal for a small MSP, but as your team grows you need to be able to split up the tickets. Have a ticket board for ordering/purchasing, one for normal helpdesk, one for escalated tickets, one for projects, etc. This significantly cuts down on the clutter for the technicians.

This really would be a game changer. Would be nice to separate trouble tickets from project tickets.

Is there any way to have a separate board to show different types of service? I saw on another thread Trello. Any integrations to solve this?