Multiple Users remote access to same asset

I know this has been thrown out there but I thought I would bump it or see what workarounds have been helpful. I am running into more and more situations where I need remote access to a device from multiple accounts. These are mostly cases when multiple people need access to a business app on a computer such as QuickBooks. I’d hate to have to load a separate piece of software when we have Splashtop already there.

In the RMM version, there isn’t much of a workaround there, but we have found you can have one Syncro user connected from RMM and the other on the same machine through Backgrounding Tools. Some opt for Splashtop BYO as it does have multi-user connections- but of course, that version isn’t free.

For me, this is more of an issue of the Syncro permissions. I can’t assign one asset to more than one Contact.

Ahh, two end-users then. Yes, you can only assign one user to an asset. Or you can allow users to access all assets under the same company. There isn’t any way to do groups, or have multiple specific users access multiple specific assets.