Multiple Third Party Patch Policies

We have a need to have a ‘base’ third party patch policy and then a second more specific policy with additional apps for customers. We would like to be able to have multiple third party patch polices on one RMM policy, like we can do with Windows Updates policies.

For example, our base policy is to update all apps if present
Our second policy for customer1 might be to install and update the zoom client on all machines
Our second policy for customer2 might be to install and update the Cisco Webex client on all machines
Another customer may want Zoom and a third policy for another specific application.

We would prefer to do it this way so we do not have to create customer specific policies but can have more generic policies that we can easily assign to RMM policies. We are going to end up with a lot of policies if we do them all custom per customer.

This is a good idea. I don’t think there are any severe roadblocks to doing this because it would be additive only like Windows is.