Multiple customer with one email domain

Hi all,

We have a client that consists of multiple companies but with one email domain used between them all. We treat them as separate customers in Syncro in order to keep the billing separate for each entity.

Lets go with Company, A, B and C.

Where this is creating a problem for us is the email rule is for and attached to only Company A, when an email comes in from Company B and C, a ticket is still created in Company A which then results in any estimates or invoice on the ticket related to the wrong company.

Is there a way for us to have tickets opened up based on the contacts in a customer rather than the domain so it ties to the right company when creating a ticket?

Thanks all.

I’m guessing based on the clients with and etc. But if you remove the email domain under each of the customer’s “Custom Fields” and then add and maintain all the staff members as contacts for the individual “customer,” it should make the connection to the right client and contact. Of course, that requires maintaining a full list of their staff in Syncro.

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Yeah. I have a client that doesn’t use their domain for email, uses @gmail instead. I just don’t put their domain in the domain section, and so far seems like the correct people are getting the correct invoices based on who I set as a billing contact.

Guys thats great, I really appreciate the feedback on this. We’ll check all the contacts are correct and remove the domain. Thanks all.

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