Multiple Billing Types for PrePay Hours - Block Hours

We are brand new to Syncro. In our current PSA, we have Block Hours for Remote and Block Hours for Onsite. These have different rates and as such they deduct Prepaid hours differently. In our example, an onsite tech may go onsite for 8 hours per month and then additional onsites will be billed at an hourly rate.

However, the same client has 4 hours of Remote Support which are use or lose. This is at a discounted rate.

It looks like Syncro has only 1 variable in the Customer field to calculate Prepay hours. Is there any way to handle this situation in Synro where the Onsite Tech can deduct from their Prepay hours while the Remote techs deduct from a different prepay bucket?

Whoops, I thought I was in Customers and Contracts. Just realized this is for Customers and Contacts. Looks like I may be in the wrong place.

It is as you see it, there’s only one bucket for prepay hours. Adding additional buckets would be a feature request but I do like the versatility that would add! I’ll move your post over to the feature request section.