More than one splashtop session at a time to help another tech or to use as training

It would be nice to have multiple splashtop sessions into a single device for training and have another tech help with a situation.

Foregoing the Splashtop licensing mess argument on this one. Just use the Backgrounding Tools / Remote Desktop for the second tech to assist.

Probably won’t ever be available in the RMM version, Splashtop wants you to buy their other licenses for features like this.

Can the licensed product integrate with the Syncro installed RMM version or would you have to integrate a “byo” splashtop ontop of the build in one ins syncro?

Splashtop tracks this through the registry and Streamer itself. The Streamer needs the deployment code in order for it to join the Splashtop Team that’s set up. Then it will show up in the console. The Viewer is what handles the various features, so the Viewer from the console is what allows you to use the Business features. Hope that makes sense. So in short, yes, you have to do the BYO install in order to have it properly join the Splashtop Team and then initiate the session from the Splashtop button, not the Remote Access button.