Monitoring Agent

Hello All,
When adding a manual snmp monitored asset, one is supposed to select an existing ‘Sycnro Agent’ as a monitoring agent (to act as a gateway/proxy)… How exactly it is determined which Syncro Agent can act as a monitoring agent ?

e.g. I have Syncro deployed on a number of servers & workstations at a particular site, however only a hand full of workstation agents show up in the Monitor Agent field …

Thank you.

Hi Faisal, good question! The monitoring agent will require the following.

  • It is online.
  • It is a Windows asset.
  • The Syncro Agent is installed/It is a ‘Syncro Device’
  • It is on the same network as the device it is monitoring.

If you notice any issues with monitoring just let me know, I’d be happy to take a look.