Monitor SSD health

Been searching around, I haven’t found anything that could monitor SSD health. I think given how common these are now, we should find a way to monitor them, similar to SMART. I do not know if it is covered there or not.

Anyone have anything?

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It could use some work (on the perpetual todo list) but I have Monitor - Drive SMART Values - You can set up whatever values/thresholds you want to alert on. Just kind of guessing especially with the SSD values so YMMV. In my limited experience with SSD failures, they tend to be just fine until they completely fail. Not too much gradual failure like there is with HDDs. If the drive is really old or being written to a ton, then it’s possible it will actually start throwing alerts/need replacing. If you have tweaks/improvements I’m all ears.

I’ve got the HealthStatus and PredictFailure checks in my script in addition to SMART. The other items are interesting. I’ll have to compare some and see if they’re covered by SMART or not. Seems like some might be different.

SMART does cover SSD.