Mobile app issue

Anyone seeing an issue with the mobile iPhone app, where when I save a ticket, it moves to the next page (where the check in button should be), but hangs with the page outline and never completes showing the page?

I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, but no change. I emailed support a couple of days ago with a screenshot but haven’t heard back yet.

To be faiiiiirr, the mobile app needs TONS of work, if not being fully rebuilt. The best bet would be to use the mobile website going forward.

Greetings. I agree that the mobile app needs TONS of work. Our techs have missed tickets because when a ticket is created on the mobile app, there isn’t a place to select “Issue Type” like there is on the web application. So if the techs filter the tickets to any sort of issue type, the ones created through the mobile app (not having an issue type) get completely missed. The techs don’t realize the ticket even exists because it’s not showing up in their filtered lists, and then our customers call a couple of days later, asking why we haven’t addressed their situation. VERY frustrating.

Please note in picture under “ISSUE.” No issue type is there, because there’s no place in the mobile app to select an issue type.

Please, can you fix this? Thanks so much!

The mobile app was discussed in the “what new with syncro video” the other day. Effectively it’s not a priority given the other large projects on the go at the moment