Mobile app crashes - support path?

I have an end user who would like to access their PC using the mobile app. I’ve installed Splashtop for RMM on their Android. They’re able to log into the website, and click the icon to access their computer. The Splashtop App opens up, and looks like it will connect to the computer, but then it closes. Their phoner is a newer Samsung, and I’ve checked for updates and reinstalled the app. The behavior remains.

Is there a support path for this?

Did you try it on your device? Honestly, it’s not worth troubleshooting someone’s personal cell phone IMO unless it’s happening on multiple. But I also have a Samsung and have no issues launching a remote connection on it.

Yep, works fine from my slightly different model Samsung phone. Just wondering if this is something that could even be reported to Syncro for support.

Splashtop is basically it’s own connection. If the Splashtop app is crashing, Syncro can’t do anything about it. It would be a Splashtop issue.