Missing Services & Software

One of the biggest missing features I find is the ability to remediate missing software/services. If we need to have Software X as part of a Policy, if it’s missing, it should be reinstalled. This should almost be a “baseline” software policy. Similar to Service Monitor, there should be missing software. This should also be able to recheck every x minutes/hours/days so that the machine is not overloaded. There should also be a after x failures, create alert

Services - Some software may be installed, but perhaps services were not correctly installed. Having a monitor that can Alert if any services are missing (rather than just stopped/running) would allow better automated remediation.

You can do this with scripts. You can either have the script check for the software and install, or you can have it check, throw an alert, and then let auto remediation run another script to install.

Dynamic groups is killer in this area, way better than scripts or anything else out there. With a dynamic group, if the search determines that it’s missing software, it can auto join the group, then it pushes the install. If the search finds that the software is installed, it unjoins the group. If systems sit in that group, it means the install is failing. A good way to audit and verify stuff is happening.

With services, again, something you can do with scripts and raising alerts. The monitor can be improved, some systems do what you asked, if you set a service monitor it squawks non-stop if the service is missing. In a way, I like the way Syncro does it so that I can bulk monitor servers without needing to create policies for every role since a DHCP monitor on a Hyper-V host doesn’t do anything in Syncro.

That would be great, but it doesn’t exist (That i know of). I don’t want to have to be running scripts every few hours if the end result is going to be no action. I don’t like relying on the “if never run” option for running scripts on the policy config either as it will never re-attempt. I’ll borrow the Russian phrase “trust, but verify”…If the system is taking inventory every so often already, joining a dynamic group and being able to run scripts automatically would be good. Just like labtech had the scripts in a group running every so often. I was hoping to get something simple like a policy section for missing software as a start. Seems simple enough. Get an AppID from the install log, and even have the Uninstall possibility too…