Minimums for Qty on Agreements

Having a minimum qty that is billed would be very helpful to have. For example, if we create a quote/SOW for a client that has a minimum coverage of 25 users, 25 PCs, 5 servers, we need to bill that as a minimum, regardless of what the syncro device counts are. If there’s more, then we charge more.

Thinking a bit more about this, this could be in the Contracts portion, so that when the invoice is generated, the Contracts adjusts the qty and price.

So when we add an Item to the Contract, we could have a minimum bill qty, and we could enter a bulk price, or a per item price. Then if the minimum bill qty is checked, then the overage pricing could be added as well. We could add 25 PCs - $ 948.75, each add’l $ 45.

When the recurring invoice is triggered, if there were 27 PCs, the invoice would have 2 lines for the PCs. One for the minimum qty, and one for the additional 2. This would allow the book-keeping to be in check, as the first 25 might be discounted, and the other 2 wouldn’t.

This is a cool idea. Realistically I think we could probably do this in recurring invoices. For example, we did this with Syncro Backups if you wanted to offer X computers at an included price and then bill for anything over. So basically it would be like an asset or contact counter that had a subtracted buffer, so it would be like your base + an overage (dynamically counted less the buffer) if it was over. That is essentially what you are looking for here right?