Microsoft Teams Phone popup Syncro search

I thought this may be useful to others. I just set up integration with Microsoft teams to pop up asynchronous inbound Inbound calls.

I am using a free third party tool that watches inbound calls and creates a URL.

The steps:

  1. Create an action Item.
  2. Set Event: Incoming call.
  3. Set category: Contact
  4. Set Regex: (+1)(\d{10})
  5. Set type: URL
  6. Set Command/URL: https://[your company]{2}

You may want to play around with the command and regex lines. This extracts just the 10 digit number from Teams. Then it calls Syncro’s search page passing it the base 10 digit phone number.

It will return a list of matches including companies and contacts.


I love this idea. Thanks @garyh I will try to find time to try it out.