Microsoft 365 email client not receiving ticket update emails

I have a client who has Microsoft 365 email. When I try to send any of them a ticket update via email, the email never gets to them. I can send them all emails just fine from my Outlook, but the ticket emails don’t go through and don’t even show in their message trace. I am using the “use your own SMTP server” and it tests fine and works for my other clients to deliver them email updates via the ticket system. I am not sure what I am missing here.

Any chance you have a rule in your sending server that might be inadvertently effecting the delivery? Email signatures or something…

adding to what @jeremy said, any change the recipient has rules to move the email to a specific folder? we have a few clients that filter our tickets into subfolders to keep all ticket updates together

Thanks for your response, Craig. I don’t believe so, and even if they did, I think I would still see the email hitting their mailbox within message trace, ad I am not right now.

I suppose this is possible, but to be honest I’m not sure where I would look for that. I have Microsoft 365 myself and am using that as my SMTP server for this. I don’t believe I have any rules that would be causing this.

You said you did a message trace on their tenant, but what about yours? It should show something in the logs. Also, anything in your support sent items? Have you checked the Antispam module to see if your messages are being quarantined. I did find some of our tickets in a tenants one time and had to whitelist us. They could also be in your Antispam too if Microsoft thinks it sent out spam before, although it would usually block the entire account from sending, but worth a shot.

This is very helpful. I looked at my own tenant and the messages are not showing up in the sender trace either, so it must be an issue on my side. I am showing things in the sent items for my support account but not for my test emails from Syncro to this one client. I did not see anything in the quarantine. I didn’t see any issues in anti-spam settings either. But now I know to keep looking in my own tenant settings.

Very strange indeed. One quick thing to check in Syncro, edit the company and make sure No Email - Of Any Kind is not enabled.

This was it! Email is working now. Thanks so much, what an oversight on my part.

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There should be a warning system in place if email is disabled for a company. Best idea I can think of is having the Email option grayed out with a hover over with the reason, otherwise if it’s just disabled, you wouldn’t know why still.