Merging Customers

We are cleaning up our customer list because we sometimes have customers email us from their personal email accounts.
I do not see a good way to add these customers to an existing customer-- the ‘merge’ function seems to be useful only for duplicate customer entries.
Currently, the only way forward that I see is to make a new entry for them in the ‘Contacts’ section of the ‘Customer’ that I want them in, then deleting the original. This is less than ideal though since I lose the ticket and conversation history. Furthermore, with Backups enabled, Syncro refuses to actually delete the original entry-- it archives them instead.
Am I missing something?

Have you tried adding reassigning the tickets to the desired contact under the correct customer and then adding the personal email to the Additional Ticket Matching Email Addresses for the contact?

Hi @jordank

If you’re referring to the following messaging when attempting to delete a customer, “Customer was disabled instead of deleted because they have associated data.”; there is likely a ticket or an invoice associated with the customer.

In addition, you can also consider adding a customer’s personal email address as a contact to the other customer entry which has their “main/original” email address and thereafter merge the two. Information, including Tickets, Contacts, Payments and Logs will be included in the “Final Customer”.