Mass Edit Contacts - More Control Over Contacts

Since we use the Customer Contact counter as a dynamic counter for recurring billing, it would make sense to able to have more control over this.

  1. It would be useful to have a report or export of contacts where we can see what custom fields are set. Currently if you want to see what contacts have a specific custom field set, you have to look at them one-by-one (Which is painful for customers that have over 50 users).
  2. It would be useful to be able to mass edit these contacts. You can import contacts, but I’m not sure if you can update existing contacts with the import function. If you can, it won’t update any custom fields.

Example: We have a client with 157 users who have upgraded their subscription from one managed service to another and we have to change their customer contact dropdown and edit the recurring invoice to reflect what they are paying.

Example: A client who is breakfix and we have their 52 contacts already in Syncro has upgraded to a managed plan and we need to change the dropdown fields on all their contacts at once.

@Andy We had been discussing some control over contacts on another thread. I figured I’d add you to this, since it’s a current pain point in my business.

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