Mass Appointment Reminders for Past Appointments

I am getting mass appointment reminders for past appointments in both internal notifications and SMS. I hope I’m not going to be charged for these SMS messages!!! This has been happening for the past week plus. I’ve read others experiencing the same. Please help!!

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+1 same here, has been happening since last week.

Hey Mike, do you have some examples I can take a look at? Maybe a timestamp and date of one of the recent SMS you received and what past appointment it notified for?

A bunch fired at 9:38 AM this morning.

Thank you! Your credits look fine for the month so you should be ok there. I’ll get you and Pascal linked to the development case for this and we’ll get it fixed up.

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It just did it again at 13:15. 22 Notices this time. Only 8 of them are for appointments in the future.

Just checked on the case and it’s in progress so we’ve got a developer on this at the moment. Good news there! :slight_smile:

Did it again at 14:09. This time it was about 60 notifications. :expressionless:

This has been happening for users on our account as well.

Any updates on this case? These excessive notifications are annoying. Also, it presents an SOP issue. If our techs get inundated with mass amounts of false notifications they stop looking at the legit notifications. This needs to be fixed ASAP as it is not only affecting technician performance but severely interrupts our SOP.

Hi Mike, there is currently code work being done. I’ve created a ticket for you so you’ll be updated when this is resolved.

I’m emailed twice about this and I keep being told it’s in development. What a frustrating thing I’m getting 30+ email a day and flooding my SMTP service with unnecessary outbound emails.

Good news this afternoon! This issue has just been resolved by development. If anyone has issues with further reminders going forward just let us know.

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