"Mark as Emailed/Sent"

Sometimes I don’t want to actually email an invoice out to a customer because they have already paid, is $0.00 or its an invoice under the customer, but its irrelevant for them to receive it due to specific business reasons. Unfortunately, I cannot remove those invoices out of the “has not been emailed” advanced search drop down.

The reason I find this frustrating is when I need to bulk email people, I use the advanced search for “emailed? - No” (Usually with “Took Payment - No”), to select the un-emailed invoices to bulk email them out on a Friday/End of month. I cannot mark an invoice as “Sent/Emailed” without the lengthy process of going into the customer, changing the customers email address to mine, emailing the invoice (and me receiving it), delete the invoice out of my inbox, go back to the customer and change their email address back… just to mark the invoice as “emailed” (with the little “emailed” icon) so they dont show in my search to be emailed.

I thought this could be a very good drop down under actions when on the actual invoice and as a bulk action option “Mark as Emailed”. Even add it to reoccurring invoices template “Marked as emailed”. e.g. Prepay hours invoices (we have three every month I have to manually email to myself out as above). This is a feature I would use very, very often - “Mark as Emailed”.

I’m not saying here that I “never want a certain customers to receive any emails” - as there is already that option available.

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I would like to see a flag for postal mail too. And same - I want to be able to mark it as mailed manually.