Mark $0 invoices as paid

Please provide an option to automatically mark $0 invoices as paid, since $0 invoices do not require payment. Those invoices are filling up the list of invoices shown when taking payment for the legitimately due invoices.


Would be nice! I have been asking for this for a couple of years. I have to just 'quick pay" them which isn’t right on an accounting level. And also a “Marked as Emailed” tick box also so you don’t accidentally email out invoices that shouldn’t be emailed.

We started just saying these are a $0 cash payment. But that’s a whole LOT of ‘clicking’ just to get it to say PAID. One click should really do this.

this would be great to avoid the $0 balance invoices accumulating late fees

This is one I’m pushing on internally. This is just dumb.

Question for you all. Does marking $0 invoices go far enough, or should we look at possibly not generating them at all? For example, if you are subtracting block hours from a customer, does you really want it to generate an invoice for $0? Are you sending that to your customers, or is it just clogging up your invoices unnecessarily?

Tell me how you’d like to see this work.

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In CWM, $0 invoices were just automatically paid, yet they were still open until emailed, part of the approval process if we were to use it in that capacity. There were times when we would need those. We had two types of $0, Do Not Bill, and Do Not Charge. One was more for tracking against the customer and contracts, and didn’t go to invoicing, and we could pull a report, the other was to show the customer that we did work but didn’t charge, more for warranty work, but could be used for other purposes. I’ve seen people talk about sending customers $0 invoices, but at this time, I don’t use them, but my field tech, who bills hourly, has generated and sent 2 before. I think the need is still there, but could be done via a labor item like the DNB and DNC or some other mechanic, which would determine if something is invoiced or not. I’ll be honest, when we first joined and we only had the option of charging time, and leaving stuff uncharged, it was unsettling. I was use to either charging the time in the form of billing, or charging the time against a contract, never to leave something uncharged. It’s like an unbalanced equation to me.

So what are you saying, just having an option to auto-mark those $0 invoices as paid?

They need to be generated. We send them to clients. They like to see it for reference, typically they do not read them. Some are 100+ pages. Summary of the tickets would be a good option. It should be implemented as a macro usable in the templates.

There should definitely be an option to auto mark invoice paid.

I am on the side that $0 invoices should never be generated, or more specifically, $0 labor should not be invoiced. An option to “not bill” $0 labor items would be stellar. An option to not generate $0 invoices would be nice also. The problem is that we have billable labor in addition to $0 labor (unlimited hours). I want to autogenerate the invoices with the billable labor only.

II think this might be an offshoot, though something I still want to do as well. My thought is that block-hours (prepaid hours) should only be allocated to certain types of definable labor. Would you agree there?

Yes, please. I have brought that up before as well. Prepaid hours only covers help desk labor, not project labor. This requires a lot of manual action from us and makes billing a labor intensive task, with missed revenue. So much so that we have stopped offering block hours altogether.