Managing projects with Syncro

Hello all.

I am hoping others found a streamlined way to do this. SyncroMSP is streamlined for Service tickets (Except managing field techs which would be a great addition). It doesnt seem very useful with managing projects. Wondering how others are using the system for new installs?

For example, workflow would start at creating the estimate. Once won, a ticket would be created off the estimate. I wouldn’t raise an invoice at this time as the invoice is raised when the ticket is closed (project completion).

Using this workflow it seems stock ordering doesn’t really exist. Seems you cannot attach a purchase order to the ticket or the quote. It looks like the only this a PO can be connected with is the client itself.

You can however create a Parts order from the ticket, but this doesn’t link to a vendor, with no way of automating an email to the vendor for the purchase.

I don’t manage stock. Spare stock is generally shipped to the client for them to own/store, so even creating purchase orders is a pain as I have to enable stock tracking.

Does anyone have a solution to this? Are they using an integration with another piece of software for stock tracking/ordering and project management?

I have integration with Xero Accounting. At the moment I think I will have to create PO/WO’s through Xero. Its not perfect though, as once again, the invoice hasnt been created, so the PO can only be associated with the clients account. I really need a system that can associate work and purchase orders to projects.



I’m just starting to use PSA side, trying to adapt. I too would like to know how to be able to have tickets assigned to a project. When I report at the end of the year, I want project work time separate from service work.

I have come to the realisation that SyncroMSP is a Psa, not a project management platform. Being I am already a Microsoft reseller I started to use Dynamics 365, Sales, Project Ops, and Field Tech modules. I am in the process of building an integration. So far I have been able to instantly push new Accounts and contacts from Dynamics to Syncro. Only problem is Syncro doesn’t give us control to push changes, so the integration is one way. It that’s fine as I plan on using Dynamics for contact management anyway. So going forward all customers and contacts will be controlled from Dynamics.

Next is ticket integration. This will likely be going the other way. Power Platform will monitor new tickets and create/update a case in Dynamics.

Last part will be invoicing. I’m planning on doing estimates in Dynamics and pushing them to Syncro. Then when they are closed one I can generate an invoice straight from Synco which maintains my Xero integration.

Purchase orders, contractor work orders, and parts orders will be done in Dynamics and pushed to Syncro.

That’s the plan anyway. As I said, I have only done customer and contact integration so far.

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Hi Mike,

I’m interested in looking at Dynamics as well, are you happy with it so far? Maybe we coudl collaborate.


I would definitely be happy to collaborate.

So far I am really happy with the solution. Dynamics is ‘owning’ Accounts and I have one Dynamics Price List pushing to Syncro. Really cool because I use this price list to update standard sold products, such as Microsofot licencing. For products I dont need synced with Syncro I use another Dynamics Price List.

In addition to this, as mentioned Syncro is integrated with my accounting package Xero. My wife, being an accountant, likes to have all the cost centres setup so she can see individual revenue streams. Unfortunately Syncro only creates items in One default Cost Centre.

I found a way around this. I have my standard products in Syncro that I sell all the time. Most being license’s. I then have 8 Generic Products in Syncro that I use for all specific product sales, example ‘IT-Hardware’, ‘IT-Software’, Security-Hardware’, etc. I then created these same fields in a Dynamics Product dropdown and synced the dropdown to Dynamics Product categories. So when creating a product in Dynamics and selecting a Parent, this field on the product table is entered. Then when the pro-forma invoice is created in Dynamics, Power Apps uses this field as the line item of the invoice generated in Syncro. So in effect, all invoices going to Xero are using a product that has a proper cost centre configured.

Its still early days. Dynamics is a beast. So far I only have Accounts, Contacts, Products, and Invoices integrated. I haven’t attempted ticket integration yet. I’m just going to do this manual for now. Create a Case in Dynamics with the Syncro ticket reference number when onsite work is required. My primary goal at this stage is having a proper CRM and Quote system.

I havent even looked at all the awesome Project management features with D365 Project Operations yet. Its installed, but another beast of a product to get my head around. \

I then also need to get my head around Field Service and allocating resources. Another ccol feature. Apparently you can grade your resources by custom criteria and the system will recommend who is best suited to the job.