Managing contractors in tickets

Hi guys,

Now that I am really getting in to using SyncroMSP I am starting to feel a few pain points. I hope I am not aware of a feature, so thought I should ask the question here.

I use contractors a lot to diagnose faults onsite after I have remotely diagnosed. Does Syncro have the ability to send work orders to contractors, or have a similar method of managing contractor engagement?

Surely I am not the only business that relies heavily on contractors for the onsite works. How are others managing this process? Seems I cannot even create a Purchase Order as PO’s are not associated with tickets in any way, and labour is not tracked.

Are people getting around this with integration with other apps? Preferably ticket integration so I can track who did what job for me. This is extremely important, as I may need to look up who did a job in the past, or create a report on a job.

Do you have a Facebook account? There are lots of posts about this subject in the past – like this one:

Hi @mike5

If there’s a feature/function that’s not available, you can also consider posting here: Feature Requests - Syncro Support Community. These are regularly reviewed and more users can engage and up-vote as well.