Major issues setting up BYO SMTP

We’re currently in the trial stage with Syncro but are basically ready to go live now apart from the fact that we are having all sorts of issues with BYO SMTP.

We had managed to get this working once by using SMTP via 365, i say once because we tried the same setting over an over again and eventually they were accepted by Syncro. unfortunately this was just a test address during our trial phase and when attempting to go live yesterday we encountered the very same issues with our live helpdesk email address which we’ve been using for smtp for years via Atera.

I’m aware that Microsoft will be ditching basic smtp authentication shortly so have also looked to setup SMTP using mailgun and smtp2go, services that we already use else where and are ready to go.

I’ve tested our Office 365, mailgun and smtp2go settings using 3rd party smtp test tools and all work fine. As soon as I add these details to Syncro > Admin > SMTP, the SMTP test never completes and just sits with the message “Test running, please await results…”

I spoke to support yesterday who have suggested a configuration issue at our end but as i’ve tested all three of these smtp services elsewhere and they work fine i’m not fully convinced the issue is with us.

Any input would be greatly appreciated, especially if you have any further info to getting setup with mailgun or smtp2go.

No Microsoft is not ditching basic SMTP auth.
Basic Authentication Deprecation in Exchange Online – September 2022 Update - Microsoft Tech Community

Specifically note the two bits circled in this snip.
Though SMTP2Go is an excellent alternative.

in fairness this is still something that will need to be addressed specifically if you create a new tenant

I guess we will see, by the end of Oct.
One thing we do know is that SyncroMSP will not be ready if SMTP is turned immediately a new tenant is created.
SyncroMSP isn’t the only platform that refuses to work on this problem though.
I don’t understand why. Writing code to send email using MS Graph is certainly not hard for developers to implement.

As you pointed out in the article, it will still work, but not for any new MSPs joining the space.

So Syncro will need to update the documentation and let people know it won’t work. - Can see many people getting frustrated by that if it’s not addressed.

In my view there really is no excuse from any vendor, no matter how small they are.

There is code on the Microsoft website, which I have found easy to implement into a product.
Pick the language and a code sample is provided.

user: sendMail - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Learn