Major Cyber incident at Australian Telco. Food for thought

Australias second largest telco (Optus) had a major security breach recently. Something like 11 million client records were allegedly accessed. Its alledged this was done via an insecure API.

So much trust is given when you sign up for an online service. Even reputable firms are not immune to this happening. Imagine if this happened to Microsoft or Google. With all the client ID in one giant cookie jar it would be hundreds of millions of records. Is this the new normal for the 21st century !

I mean yea… at this point… All you really doing is just making layers to maker it harder for Joe Blow not able to get access, but a real hacker is already in your systems to some level. Even then, it only takes one over sight to break all the other layers down. It also takes only one CEO to cause the whole network to be a risk… so not really surprise I guess? As we move towards globalization as well we make it easier to get access to millions and billions of people’s data as there are less and less smaller companies at play too. Even then, people switch between companies and reuse the same information making it easier to group or reuse said information too.