Maintenance sheduled for 12th April :-(

Hi Support, is there some reason why you decided to schedule today’s two hour maintenance during the week and not on the weekend. (ended up blowing out to about three hours)

We are located on the eastern seaboard of Australia and the two hour maintenance window corresponds to 12.30pm to 2.30pm on a Wenesday afternoon. We are dead in the water for two hours + the overage during which time we cannot assist nor respond to our customers. We are looking pretty stupid at the moment.

In future can you schedule this kind of activity for a shorter period of time if it absolutely has to be done during workdays OR schedule this for the weekend (your Saturday which would be our Sunday) for example. This will help minimise disruption.

Secondly, your communication about this outage is inconsistent with reality. I thought it was a one hour outage and when Syncro had not come back up, I went to the portal and can see it was actually a 2 hour outage.


Luxembourg, Europe here, feeling the same way about this!
Currently still “degraded service” (syncrostatus) at 10am CEST.

Dealing with a lot of errors here:

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Same here in the UK.
Seems intermittent, but still causing us problems.
Error 500


Agreed. We understand critical works can be required but as an MSP ourselves, not having access to our systems to support our clients is basically unthinkable. Granted we have not experienced Syncro being offline during business hours like this before (thank you!) but I would definitely recommend ensuring it rarely occurs again, if ever. We’d hate for clients to think we can’t manage our own IT infrastructure. Not a good look!

Nevertheless, thanks for all your hard work. We look forward to the Syncro service to return back to normal swiftly.

(Located Eastern Australia)


Fellow Aussie here also and very annoyed at today’s outage. I was willing to put up with it when I saw it was just an hour outage window. We scheduled our work around it. But when it ended up being 3 times that it’s just not acceptable. Normally in the past these outage windows have been scheduled for Fridays/Weekends which would have been acceptable. Middle of the day on a Wednesday for 3 hours (and even 4h later reports of some customers with issues still) is completely unacceptable in my opinion.

Also did anyone else have issues logging into these support forums? I assume because login systems were tied to the same systems that were down for maintenance. Either way makes me miss the FB groups.

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I would like an explination of what they were trying to do, what went wrong and how they will address this in the future. In additon, WHY SCHEDULE THIS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BUSINESS WEEK when the risk of something going wrong will affect many of their clients.


Hi All,
Please see the following link addressing the issues. We’ve definitely heard you and learned some lessons, we commit to doing better next time!
System Maintenance Announcement

The status site has very little information other “degraded”. We can’t view tickets at this time. That’s a big problem (US EST). Any information on an ETA here, and what is actually going on?


Site is completely unusable for us. We can’t view tickets, assets, nothing… Not good.

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I concur. It’s 4/13 @ 8:10am Eastern and the website is unusable.

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IF this is related at all to the upcoming patch management - I have a feeling that is going to be about as successful as backup and the new policy module.

This is getting pathetic.


Definitely looking forward to the postmortem on this one. Seems like the maintenance over ran the scheduled downtime more than a little.

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503’s left and right, Eastern Canada. Snails pace if I do single tab navigation without using search, but at least that’s still working. Time to start looking for backup/fallback platforms…

We are stll getting the 500 Sorry! Looks like we had a problem on our end.

We are half using Syncro and half another solution…this may be the tipping point…this is simply NOT on.

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UK here, been virtually unusable the entire day (now 1:30pm)

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US Central time zone and I can’t get search to work get 504 error trying to load a computer page.

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i get outages happen but zero comms is bit of a kick in the teeth

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I too am upset, however, there is this post

Roll it back already!!!

that posts says everything is working lol…