macOS Universal Binary or Native arm64 binary

We’re a bit more than 2 years into the Apple Silicon transition, .Net 6 supports arm64 and support for macOS arm64 has been marked as solved on Microsoft’s Visual Studio feedback site since May 25, 2022.

The SyncroMSP agent is one of a very few non-native binaries that continue to force enabling Rosetta 2. A native SyncroMSP agent not only reduces the need for Rosetta 2 it should provide a significant energy reduction. Most importantly, it allows for scripts to execute in the native architecture instead of in x86_64 via Rosetta 2.

While it is possible to work around this by discovering the computer architecture via sysctl, create a decision tree and the fire each command with a arch -arm64, it’s beyond tedious and adds a layer of confusion that isn’t obvious to many Windows-First Syncro users.

I can only hope this is already in the production queue and this is redundant “feature request”.