macOS Patching

Since it’s not included in Syncro natively, what is everyone doing for macOS OS patching?

I use Addigy for everything and Syncro for basic Mac Monitoring/Menu so when a customer open tickets it links to the Asset. I’m working on a lot of scripting in Syncro but not crazy because I’m hoping Watchman gets integrated relatively soon. There’s other MDM’s that have lower device requirement.

Is Watchman supposed to integrate a better MDM solution too?


Watchman is another monitoring tool that’s popular for Mac that is more complete for Macs than Syncro Mac client but not an MDM like Addigy. Watchman is what I used before I moved to Addigy for full MDM. I scripted a lot already in Syncro but occasionally get stuck. I created one for Time Machine checks in Syncro that auto pops tickets if over 7 days but my variables fail if people are using 2 different drives in Time Machine. Don’t want to spend too much time on it hoping the functionality of Watchman makes Syncro soon.

Have used Addigy quite a bit for macOS. Automox seems to be another good one that I’ve been looking at recently.

Thanks. I’m seeing Addigy as being a popular choice for macOS MDM. I’ll do some digging into this and Watchman.

Take a look at Mosyle as well. Free for up to 30 devices.
Use it (not a free version), recommend it.

Thanks David. I’ll take a look.