macOS - Background Terminal (backgrounding tools)

As the macOS agent is fully out of beta, perhaps we could see something approaching feature parity with the addition of Background Tools for macOS.

At a minimum, Background Terminal. It’s the single most valuable remote support tool for macOS (other’s may argue Remote Desktop) and would provide an inordinate amount of real-world time-savings and consequently money-making.


Agree, Background Terminal is a must have.
I would also suggest running processes, and file explorer are also must haves.
Without these, I have to run multiple RMM agents (Syncro and SimpleHelp) on macOS.

No plans for backgrounding tools for macOS at this time.

The work that’s been done on the macOS agent was great. It is my sincere hope that the current lack of parity between the macOS and Windows agent is addressed in the near term.

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Just did a demo of RMM and seeing Terminal background tools for Mac was so nice. SuperOps also doesn’t have feature parity between Mac and Windows, but having Terminal is a huge plus.

We are seeing an increase in the number of mac systems with our customers and could really benefit from tools I’ve seen in other RMMs. Specifically Terminal access, Task Manager, and File System Browser. I’ve been putting off switching or adding another RMM just for our mac clients.