Mac RMM agent showing as "offline" around 5mins after start-up

Have just installed the latest Mac RMM agent on a lab machine for testing. Have granted the appropriated permissions as instructed. The asset shows as “online” on start-up but then around 5mins after changes to “offline” event though it is not.

Assigned policy includes Bitdefender and SplashTop.

Anyone encountered similar?

No. I have updated two Macs this morning to the new Agent, and both still show online, well after 5 minutes after update.

Same here, no issue with Macs going off-line. I do have issues with one complaining about lack of permissions even though I’ve enabled all the ones listed though.

Hi @neil1

I had a look and I did not see a ticket from you on this - If you are still experiencing this issue, please send us more details by creating a Support ticket.

Hi - I’m running into a similar problem. It is not always 5 min for it to show offline - it varies.

The tray icon is available to the end user, I can access via splashtop, but the asset is showing as offline in syncro.

I can run /usr/local/bin/syncro restart to resolve the issue - it shows the asset correctly after restarting the agent - online.

I am testing putting the restart command using /Library/LaunchDaemon launchctrld entry.

Any idea’s would be very welcome.

It’s probably going to sleep. Once you go into Splashtop and set the settings, soon as you click on it will warm you that sleep is enabled and will appear offline if it goes to sleep. Look into that area and see what the settings are set to.