Mac Client Installs but Doesn't show under assets anywhere

Mac Agents installs, Syncro provided proper permissions. A minute later Splashtop installs and provided proper permissions. Splashtop for some reason shows up in the menu bar which never happened before. However the assets doesn’t show anywhere under my assets, client etc. No notification of new asset installed. All appears to have been installed properly. This is on 3 machines for 2 different customers. I can make any adjustments to assets as they aren’t anywhere.

One is 10.4.6
Two are 10.15.7

Hi Garret! We will want to dig into the logs for that, you can grab them on Mac from here:


Zip those up and send 'em to - we’ll figure out what’s going on there!

Did you ever get this resolved? I have the exact problem, Im going to try reinstalling a different way but I feel like the Mac agent install is somewhat hit or miss.