Mac beta 2 file access

I am unable to get a mac to allow the full access permissions. the other option shows enabled but the file access won’t enable. i have tried to manually add it but no luck. also tried uninstall reinstall. this is on latest mac os

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What OS version? What areas have you given it access/permissions?

i was giving it the permissions it asked for it just would not acknowledge that i gave them the full access permission. it was Monterey 12.0.1

I don’t know what the required permissions are that’re being requested. HOWEVER:
If you’re working on a Mac remotely it’ll never work, you/one must be local to approve those items.
OR use MDM which has been a must as of Big Sur and Apple made it known this was coming back around the release of 10.15/Catalina.

If you don’t have (an) MDM (Provider) please do not use Apple’s very brand new ABM.
Recommend (Jamf not only MDM and is really better suited for very large fleets and enough dedicated resources to manage it).

Hey @frankg,

This issue should be released in the current Syncro Mac agent. Please try and generate a new installer and reach out to support if you’re still seeing the same error persist.

I think I might know what is going on here. I see this with installing ScreenConnect, which I do manually. Sometimes, I find I have to create a new admin account, apply the permissions there, and then switch back to the users main account. Strange it doesn’t show up like it should, but after I did it, works fine and shows up in both places under Privacy/Security.

I’m really hoping they can pull off the new mac agent by the end of this week, right in time for new years. I have an M1 I can test it on too!

I’m still having issues with this. tried to remove and reinstall latest agent but same issue. Upgrading to Monterey 12.1 and will retry.

update to 12.1 did not help. also tried using a new admin account but same issue persists.

I opened a ticket for this, not sure if you had any other ideas to try. I think i’ve tried everything. I installed on 3 other macs last week no problem with permissions. just this one mac so far is an issue.

Hi @frankg

I see that your ticket has gone to our devs and has since been fixed in a bug report - updating the thread for visibility :slight_smile: Please let us know if you see this happen again.