Low-cost separate Syncro instance for backup infrastructure

Best practices for securing backup servers includes not using your primary RMM for management, that way if your RMM is compromised (which can be as easy as a phishing attack, which Syncro wouldn’t be able to stop!) then the attacker only has access to either your primary infrastructure OR your backup infrastructure, but not both.

Bonus points for this is that it would only cost Syncro the cost of another instance that would see a LOT less activity in theory, plus the billing changes. Right now I’m shopping for a free-ish RMM to serve this purpose but it would save a TON of time if I could get it from Syncro instead.

And yes if ALL of Syncro is compromised then this wouldn’t help, I’m choosing my battles. Maybe this could be a testing ground for super draconian security measures, which would supply Syncro with live beta testers for those features. :slight_smile:

Have a look at SimpleHelp.
No PSA, No ticketing, No reporting and No customer/contact management, No patching.

But if you are looking for remote access, remote terminal, remote folders, scripting, Toolboxes, alerting, performance monitoring, Technician User access controls, Linux, Windows and Mac support, IP Address lockdowns,
for a low cost, then SimpleHelp has it.

Plus you run it on your own infrastructure, even hide it behind a VPN if you like.
If you don’t want updates or support after the first year, simply stop paying annually.

Thanks for the suggestion. I looked at SimpleHelp and it looks… simple. It can’t even monitor event logs without custom scripting. No powershell scripting. No update monitoring. So far if I do go with a free RMM I’ll probably use Action1, which is at least a little bit more full featured (and does Windows updates shockingly well).

Hello Mark
2 out of 3 are incorrect.
Alert monitoring can be setup in SimpleHelp based on event logs.
There is powershell scripting. I have written quite a few myself.
There is also batch, vbscript, bash, perl, ruby, osa, python, shell, and you can specify custom interpretors.

I will send you a private message with some screen shots.

Correct, there is no Windows update monitoring.

Thanks, for the tip about Action1. I will take a look at that.

Thanks for the corrections. I didn’t trial it so there’s probably more I missed.