Loop prevention is blocking emails from entering account and creating tickets

This is typically caused by the from address the same as the internal address

Our internal email logs will look something like this:

tried to find account from basic to/from data, got 45758 tried to find account from message type data, got 45758 tried to find records: customer-111111111 contact-222222 invoice- ticket- estimate- EmailLoopPrevention triggered, email received from ‘support@samplecompany.com’ was detected as also a sender we use.!

The error basically indicated it was preventing an endless email loop from being created. In looking at the email the user had sent from an automated system, the “From” address—support@samplecompany.com—was the same as the “To” address. That is, it was one of the mailboxes used on their site found in Admin > Emails - Mailboxes (inbound email) .

The From address cannot be the same as one of the addresses used in your Mailboxes page.

You also should not use any admin user emails in customer records, nor should they be the same as any of your mailboxes.