Longer Script History Per Asset or Script Reports

Anyone else have issue with only being able to see the last 30 scripts run per asset? I have some scripts that run frequently. How can i get better history of scripts that have run or not. Would be nice if we could get longer history or report that would bring up run history. Anyone else benefit from this besides me?

If not the only idea I have is to put line in my script to log the activity like this? I think that should give me full history that it was run, but still wouldn’t give me what the result was…

# This logs an activity feed item on an Assets's Activity feed
Log-Activity -Message "Activity description" -EventName "Event name"

My understanding is that if you need to keep something perpetually you need to modify your script to capture its results and log it in the activity log. There’s a report, “Asset Activity Audit,” that lets you pull logged activities based on a “query.”

I opened a feature request for this a year or more ago. Our previous RMM recorded every execution of every script, and you could export the run history and output to CSV, which made auditing very easy. Syncro’s implementation is pretty useless and requires you to update your scripts to record to the activity log as mentioned.

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Is there a way to vote on feature request or comments so the more votes it gets it will help Syncro see it and move to top of their list?

This is something that may interest others as well. Please feel free to post this request here: Feature Requests & Suggestions - Syncro Support Community where it can be reviewed and allow for other users to engage and up-vote.