Login in with Google (G-Suite) and Microsoft (M365) and SAML

Please allow SAML based logins and SSO with Google and Microsoft instead of requiring contacts to have individual credentials to access their Syncro portal.


SAML support is desperately needed.

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I would like this as well.

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I’d like to see this as an optional feature. Sometimes keeping stand-alone platform authentication (how Syncro login is now) is preferred.

SAML would be great for our staff to be able to sign in using our Azure AD accounts.


I would love this, and I need it in my life desperately.

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Yes this is definitely needed yesterday.

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This needs to be the absolute next feature of Syncro.

Not sure about it being the next feature but absolutely a top request from me right after all the more Bug-Fix type things in the pipeline like Scripts scheduling right away and executing reliably and being able to block specific update KBs.

We are doing a big push to provide SSO to clients and where it makes sense for ourselves so being able to integrate sign on for customers with their M365 tenant will absolutely be a requirement before we promote the customer portal.

Another request for SAML support.

SAML authentication is very much needed.

is this already on the roadmap?

Another request for this…

Another voice for SAML and SSO

Another voice for SSO

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