Log history of users who have logged into an asset rather than just showing last logged in user

Asset page only shows currently logged in user (or last user to login). We are often asked to locate the computer belonging to user x. However if an admin or other user has just logged into said asset we are unable to quickly find the asset in Syncro.

Keeping a log of who logged into a system (datestamp would also be useful) and having this be indexed in the search would solve this problem. This is also useful when tracking down user data, especially after an employee leaves and it is not known which computer they were using.

Searching the event logs could provide this information but this is a more tedious procedure.

This information would be very useful on the asset page - for example a “logins” subsection on the “System Info” tab etc.


Hello were you able to get any movement on this? I am looking for the same thing.

Not yet - it is a fairly new request. There are a lot of feature requests that have been here for some time. We can only hope it gets picked up.