List of product used by every customer


We offer different kind of products/options to our customer:

  • Web hosting
  • O365
  • VoIP
  • Backup
  • Computer maintenance
  • etc

I want to keep track of all the options used by every customer. Should I create a document for every customers? How do you guys keep track of it in SyncroMSP. It’s easy for me to know which options are used by for my employees not. I need to get that information out of my head.


I have multiple services and I like to keep track as well. I use custom fields. I attach them to either the customer, a contact or an asset; whichever makes sense.

e.g. I use a custom contact field for the Office365 subscription for the contact. I use a drop-down field for it. I use a check-box if they also have O365 backup. I use a Custom asset field if the asset should be backed-up.

I like this method because it’s easily accessed from a script. For example, when I install the backup agent I modify the custom asset filed.

Changing the O365 subscription is as easy as selecting from the drop-down and BOOM! billing will be correct.

I use the fields for billing as well. I thought about using Policy folders but that would be a nightmare.