List of connected printers?

I’ve looked all over to find a list of printers connected to a Syncro Device but cannot find it.
Am I missing something, or Syncro missing something?
Yet Another do-it-your-self Powershell side trip, machine by machine to see attached printers?

This is not something we currently report on natively.

sadly. :sob: :sob:
@andy, is this in the list of features to add into Syncro RMM one day?
If not, please add this.

Not something on the list for anytime soon.

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We have a script that writes the installed printers to a custom asset “text area” field title “Latest Script Message” … I can’t remember how much of this came from where, but here it is, as-is:

Import-Module $env:SyncroModule
$stringOut = ""
$step = 0

$installedPrntrs = (Get-Printer | Select-Object Name, ComputerName, Type, DriverName, Shared, Location, Published, PortName, PrintProcessor | Sort-Object Name)

foreach ($pntr in $installedPrntrs) {
    if ($step -gt 0) {$stringOut += "`n`n"}
    $stringOut += "Printer Name: "
    $stringOut += $pntr.Name += "`n"

    $stringOut += "ComputerName:    "
    $stringOut += $pntr.ComputerName += "`n"

    $stringOut += "Type:    "
    $stringOut += $pntr.Type.ToString()
    $stringOut += "`n"

    $stringOut += "DriverName:    "
    $stringOut += $pntr.DriverName += "`n"

    $stringOut += "Shared:    "
    $stringOut += $pntr.Shared.ToString()
    $stringOut += "`n"

    $stringOut += "Location:    "
    $stringOut += $pntr.Location += "`n"

    $stringOut += "Published:    "
    $stringOut += $pntr.Published.ToString()
    $stringOut += "`n"

    $stringOut += "PortName:    "
    $stringOut += $pntr.PortName += "`n"

    $stringOut += "PrintProcessor:    "
    $stringOut += $pntr.PrintProcessor


Set-Asset-Field -Name "Latest Script Message" -Value $stringOut

You could probably modify it to include data from Get-PrinterPort for destination data too, if you wanted.