List installed printers in the API /customer_assets/{id}

Please add a list of installed/configured printers to the data returned by the API /customer_assets/{id}

You could run a PS script to grab this info but I’ve noticed that sometimes that doesn’t pull per-user printers.

yes, I will need to script the collection of the installed printers.
Hopefully one day Syncro will enhance their agent to bake in the ability to collect installed printer info.

List of printers being collected by the Agent is one of the few features in Naverisk that I will miss.
Though Naverisk doesn’t have the device printer list in their API either.

Sadly, SimpleHelp doesn’t show the list of installed printers either. :frowning:

SimpleHelp took a while to display the printer tab, but turns out SimpleHelp does display the printer info.
Even providing the command in the GUI to do this.

cmd.exe /c wmic printer get caption,name,deviceid,drivername,portname

Yes, we switched from Kaseya to Syncro, but one thing I really liked in Kaseya was being able to easily see the connected/installed printers and share drives right from the Asset page.