Linux RMM Agent

Has there been any discussions or an announcement of Syncro releasing a Linux RMM agent, to go along with their existing Windows and macOS agents?


I have seen this raised a couple of times on Reddit. I think the general feedback was “not at this point - use SNMP to monitor them”.

I don’t like that approach, as it requires a master agent at the site to poll SNMP on the Linux machine. We don’t use Linux for end user devices though, so this isn’t a big issue for us.

For servers we usually put additional monitoring in place anyway, and alerts can email into Syncro as a normal ticket.


oh, alright then, i was hoping for an agent since we could use some Linux based end user devices to run on older hardware that cant run windows 10 correctly, but could still be used for bullpen or web browsing and printing machines.


I’d like to add my vote to this. SNMP is alright but having a true RMM agent to get an experience similar to the Windows agent would be fantastic. It’s really the only con that sticks out to me with this platform, at least from the perspective of my needs. I know Windows environments are a lot more common but we’re seeing more and more usage of Linux OSes and I personally utilize quite a few.


Every RMM has a linux agent, for good reason. Linux is widespread, and very common in one way or another. An inability to monitor and run scripts remotely on Linux is leaving a huge hole in our capabilities, and removing a big revenue generator. There is a Mac agent, so Linux is not a big leap.


Interesting that most of the top-tier pay-per-asset RMM’s do seem to support Linux natively now.

The other commonly-compared pay-per-tech RMM does still use SNMP for Linux though.


Syncro is more costly for us than Kaseya and Connectwise. I do not see the relevance of per-tech vs per-asset. In addition to the monthly cost being higher, I had to hire a full time employee to do all of the manual tasks and data entry that Kaseya and other RMM/PSA do automatically (especially with managing retainers and reconciling invoices/payments that dont sync). Of course, that added employee also needs a Syncro user license.

So um yeah. I had to spin up Ninja for this. Considering much of the work for linux would be a nearly direct lift from the macOS agent, it seems like a no brainer but ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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SimpleHelp has good agent support for Linux.
You can specify the networks that Technicians can login to manage the devices. Syncro should have this.

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No plans for a Linux agent at this time. Some things can be handled through SNMP as a limited workaround.

@Andy that’s exactly what we’re talking about. Given there is already a Mac agent many of us need a Linux agent as well. Most, if not all, of us know there isn’t a Linux agent being planned, but that doesn’t change our needs.the

A Linux agent is needed and all the major players in the RMM space already have one. If you want to compete with the big boys on the block then it needs to be added to the plan. SNMP just isn’t the same and makes more work for us overall.

Not having one also limits your customer base by excluding MSP’s that need a fully matured RMM tool to manage and their internal and customer systems.

We use a number of Linux servers internally but not desktops, and we have a few customers that also use Linux servers and desktop. All in all there are about 40 endpoints we can’t manage because they’re Linux machines.

At some point basically all of the companoes that use your tool will outgrow it simply from this aspect. We will need to migrate to a mature RMM wthat can manage Linux systems.


Hey Branden,

The overall manageable Mac install base for MSPs on average is extremely small in comparison to Windows in the space, and the manageable Linux base is barely even a fraction of the Mac install base. Like all things, never say never. However, it becomes fairly difficult to justify when there are a great many things folks are asking for, and that we’d like to develop as well, that would benefit our entire base (in addition to prospective customers) versus something that will benefit such a small percentage of MSPs.

As I mentioned, SNMP is the workaround to this for the time being, but if a core Linux agent is something you need sooner rather than later, this is not something we’re going to have for you, unfortunately.

@Andy is there any further news on Linux Agent at this time?

we use Linux as end user devices and we would like to use the agent for remote controller and management of the machines the same way as macos and Windows

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There are no plans for a Linux agent at this time.

Correct for Desktops. Windows is > Mac is >> Linux.
Wrong for Servers. We actually look after more Linux Servers than Windows Servers.

In this space, SimpleHelp is the solution.

While we are discussing a Linux Agent…I notice Comet Backup now has an agent for Synology NAS units.
I would be really interested in seeing a Syncro Agent for Synology. Of course if that seemed like an attractive idea, it makes sense that a Linux agent would be developed first.
There are so many Synology devices out there that MSPs can manage better if there is an agent.
Lots of QNAP devices too.

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I’m referring to the MSP space globally, not any one specific MSP.

So true,
All good. I understand that my world view is not the same as everyone elses.
Merely just lending my voice to the topic.
BTW: Do you have some data to suggest that in the MSP space globally that the number of Windows Servers they look after is significantly higher than Linux servers (including Synology and QNAP) they look after.

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I will add my two cents worth. I manage over 20 Linux servers and adding them to Syncro would be nice. The statement that Linux is very small might simply be because of the lack of agents. How do you know how many Linux machines MSP’s manage if you are not getting a count? I have considerably more Linux servers than I do Mac computers.


Well now we’ll likely run into semantics on what a server means. In my opinion, NAS devices are not servers, particularly when groups like Synology require agents to be registered as part of their app store ecosystem. For example, RMM Linux agents won’t run on Synology devices out of the box.

We are not talking about a home NAS for storing 20000 family photos.

We have business customers with Synology devices that are VM Hypervisors for Ubuntu Server VMs running on premise web apps that have no cloud upgrade path.
From a MSP or customer expectation point of view, how is this different to a Windows Hyper V host?

I have business customers with 8 disk Synology NASs and 16 TBs of data.
From a MSP or customer expectation point of view how is this different to a Windows Server used for local file storage?

Comet Backup got around this problem, or found a way to live with it.

Correct, they have to be packaged accordingly, like Comet Backup has gone to the trouble of doing.
So the logical path forward is for Syncro to develop a Linux Agent, then package it for Synology.

But sure, Syncro can decide not to do develop a Linux Agent for all sorts of other reasons, but to suggest that the reason for not doing it is that there isn’t a need in MSP land for a Linux Agent without having any data from the industry to support that reason is…“insert words here”

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