Linux RMM Agent

Has there been any discussions or an announcement of Syncro releasing a Linux RMM agent, to go along with their existing Windows and macOS agents?


I have seen this raised a couple of times on Reddit. I think the general feedback was “not at this point - use SNMP to monitor them”.

I don’t like that approach, as it requires a master agent at the site to poll SNMP on the Linux machine. We don’t use Linux for end user devices though, so this isn’t a big issue for us.

For servers we usually put additional monitoring in place anyway, and alerts can email into Syncro as a normal ticket.

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oh, alright then, i was hoping for an agent since we could use some Linux based end user devices to run on older hardware that cant run windows 10 correctly, but could still be used for bullpen or web browsing and printing machines.

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I’d like to add my vote to this. SNMP is alright but having a true RMM agent to get an experience similar to the Windows agent would be fantastic. It’s really the only con that sticks out to me with this platform, at least from the perspective of my needs. I know Windows environments are a lot more common but we’re seeing more and more usage of Linux OSes and I personally utilize quite a few.

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Every RMM has a linux agent, for good reason. Linux is widespread, and very common in one way or another. An inability to monitor and run scripts remotely on Linux is leaving a huge hole in our capabilities, and removing a big revenue generator. There is a Mac agent, so Linux is not a big leap.

Interesting that most of the top-tier pay-per-asset RMM’s do seem to support Linux natively now.

The other commonly-compared pay-per-tech RMM does still use SNMP for Linux though.

Syncro is more costly for us than Kaseya and Connectwise. I do not see the relevance of per-tech vs per-asset. In addition to the monthly cost being higher, I had to hire a full time employee to do all of the manual tasks and data entry that Kaseya and other RMM/PSA do automatically (especially with managing retainers and reconciling invoices/payments that dont sync). Of course, that added employee also needs a Syncro user license.