Linux Agent

I know this has been stated before but as time rolls along this is a major thorn in what is rapidly becoming a bramble for Syncro.

Almost all other MSP solutions offer a native linux RMM agent and I think I speak for most of us when I say we support almost as many linux servers as we do windows.

What’s the plan here folks? Saying this isn’t a real market segment and there is no demand simply isn’t so.

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What’s Linux?

Just kidding. We don’t have the need, but I know there are those that do.

No plans currently. You can do a fair amount of monitoring in a roundabout way through SNMP in the meantime, though.

@Andy Have you actually tried to monitor a Linux server using SNMP? How many Linux boxes did you monitor in this way.
Sure it is possible for some use cases. Is it sensible and efficient to do that at scale across multiple Client sites? Reporting?
Does using SNMP provide enough similar functionality to a Windows Agent or a Mac Agent on those platforms?

Does SyncroMSP have a knowledge base article covering all the above questions?

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++ to the above comment. Configuring SNMP in Syncro is slow and error prone. Also, many devices have issues with SNMP and it is only usable in evironments where there is another Syncro device available. This can further complicate matters as that device then becomes the single point of failure for reporting, in essence necessitating that the monitoring device be a server or similar.

+1 to this topic. I understand why Windows and Mac are prioritized due to their ubiquity on the desktop side, but Linux servers are certainly a thing that deserves attention too.

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It shouldn’t be error prone at all. I don’t believe there are any known issues with SNMP at the moment, but if you are seeing errors with that module please do report that to support so we can have a look.

SNMP will always require a monitoring agent as you say, but those devices are usually either servers, or treated like servers requiring 100% uptime and monitoring for offline alerts, etc.

It feels clear from many posts that you are not in favour of SyncroMSP developing a Linux Agent. Even though on this and other threads, there feels to be reasonable support from the community.

What would need to change for SyncroMSP to include a Linux Agent in the road map?

It has nothing to do with my personal opinions, and has everything to do with existing priorities. Those are both business priorities, and priorities determined by the amount of existing and prospective partners asking for any specific thing.

With finite resources, it really comes down to what awards as many partners as possible the most value possible for the investment, and I am sure at some point that may wind up being a Linux agent. As of today, it is not currently part of our roadmap.

Hi Andy,

Given the feedback from the community I think it might be wise to pass these concerns up the chain. It increasingly feels like the dev team behind the scenes hasn’t produced a lot of tangible improvements and that critical integrations are lacking. Especially SSO/SAML and IP Whitelisting

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Don’t even get us started…

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To not even have it on the roadmap…speaks volumes.

It’s not engineering that decides what to develop, it’s the product team. They do regularly monitor these forums, particularly the feature request category.

There will be improvements coming all across the platform, but our main area of focus currently remains on the PSA side of the house.

How long do you expect that focus to be on the PSA?
Months, 1 year, 2, 3 or 4 years?

I am trying to roughly estimate how far away are significant improvements on the RMM such as a Linux Agent.

I won’t be able to provide you exact timelines. I think I can say pretty confidentially is that I wouldn’t expect a Linux agent in 2023. Plans can always change, of course, but currently that’s what it’s looking like.

Thanks, I was only wanting a rough timeline of the focus on the PSA.

I had already reached the conclusion that a Linux agent wouldn’t appear in 2023. I am confident that it would be a significant Engineering effort. Probably at least 12 months from the first day of cutting the code to general production release. That doesn’t include the required pre scoping and design work.
I often believe it is better to be pleasantly surprised than bitterly disappointed.
I’ll assume there will not be a SyncroMSP Linux agent before the end of 2025.