Linking Customers to Purchase Orders

We are really struggling with keeping track of stock that has been ordered for customers and knowing if it has been invoiced out to them or not (this could impact stock loss greatly for us if we lose track of ordered items)

This is very crucial to the running of a business. With our old system, the customer name was added to the purchase order (If you added no name, it assumed it was for your stock). Then when you received the stock in, it would allocate itself to the customer so when you wanted to make an invoice it would say there were outstanding items to be added - as it already does but with it linking to the purchase of the item. This meant that a record was kept of not only what was ordered over the month but who the items were to be charged to when invoicing was done. This would ensure that everything had been billed for that month end (and all time). What would be nice with the way I have suggested is that if the invoice or ticket was deleted, a request would pop up asking if you wanted the item/s to go back into stock or stay “To be Billed” against a customer. It would also stop people just being able to randomly change stock amounts as they would be specifically joint to orders and customers. It is a safe way to make sure your stock on hand always has a reason for being the amount it is - either because you have sold it to a customer, or still have some in stock. This helps with accurate Stocktake as you can investigate where it went wrong if you encounter miss-matched SOH.

The current way we deal with this is time consuming, clunky and has the potential for items miss being billing to customers. We currently have to put the ticket number or invoice number and customer name onto the “General Notes” (and “shipping notes” so they go through to Xero) and when the item has arrived, double check it has been invoiced correctly otherwise it might be missed - and, I’m pretty sure items have been missed in the past.
We feel this is a large hole in the purchasing to invoicing system with inventory.
We cant be the only company that purchases items to be sold for specific customers?


We have struggled with this issue for ages now and I am wondering if DEV can “PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE” as it is a HUGE issue for us!!!

All we need is the ability to ADD the CUSTOMER/CLIENT to the PO so we know who the parts belong to.

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Has there been any headway on this? Seems like adding 1 field to the PO would not be an undertaking that requires months of development. All we need is the ability to have a customer associated with a PO and that carry over into the current QBO PO sync feature which is awesome! Can we get an update on this please? I am literally having to develop a custom application to try and handle this missing component.


1000% Agree with this. It would be awesome to link PO’s to customers. Or link the PO to a pending ticket charge. We also don’t keep many items in inventory (monitors, etc.) but instead purchase them for our customers and immediately deploy them. There just seems to be a little disconnect of the flow with PO’s, inventory, invoices, etc.

+1 for linking Purchase Orders with tickets

Po in syncro is virtually impossible currently. Wish they would rebuild it so it is functional.