Link chat to existing ticket

Essentially, instead of creating a new ticket and merging tickets, link a current (or past) chat to a ticket.


I would like to see this as well. The information in a chat is important and should be carried over to a ticket.


Are you kidding me? In 26 days, only ONE reply to this feature request? I cannot believe this is "still’ a Feature Request and wasn’t baked in when Chat was first released.

Once you persuade customer users to use Chat, they start using it more and more frequently as the first choice for communications. So often, some issue is revisited because it’s not yet truly resolved. Or you’ve been communicating via email in the COMMUNICATIONS section of a ticket, and then need to get the user’s attention or they decide to switch to Chat.

Please make this a feature. Creating new tickets and merging them with existing ones is so time-consuming…


Agree 100% - This is super time consuming. I figured this was the way it worked out of the box, I was surprised when I couldn’t link a chat to a ticket that was already open. Especially when I launched the chat from the ticket.


Absolutely! Need to connect tickets to chats! Too difficult to go back and search through chats.

One workaround is to copy the URL of the chat and add as a private note to the ticket. This URL persist through active and archived chats.