Limited Portal Access for Users


I’m playing around with the customer portal and set my customer (internal) up for limited access. I went to the policy for the limited access to see what was there. Estimates is not checked and Assets - View all is not either. These modules shouldn’t be displaying for my limited access users, however they are when I test and look at the customer online profile.

Additionally, when sending a password reset from the customer detail/Contact detail, the email comes through as Syncro Team as the From address - any way to change this so that it reflects my IT department. Many of my users have no idea what Syncro is because I’ve branded it as our internal IT help desk - so this may confuse them.

How can I make it so that customer contacts can only see their own asset, not all the assets in the company? And how do I go about tweaking the outgoing emails from the portal to users?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Ryan,

So when you don’t have any portal users setup for the customer, they will default to the “Non-Portal Users Group” permissions set. When you setup at least one portal user at the customer or contact level, then you can assign out specific permission groups to each.

You can definitely set them as View All or View Mine on just about all of the permissions, including assets. So set a Portal User Permission group to “Assets - View Mine” for example, then create a portal user for that customer/contact and assign that group, and then they should only have access to assets they are physically assigned to. Let me know if you run into any issues with that.

On the email front, we do support custom SMTP, but our notifications go out of an internal system, and I am fairly certain password resets are including as part of that system. So no way to change that currently.